Casey & Karlie


Meet Casey and Karlie.

Their story goes way back to the elementary school, kindergarten in fact. That is where they first met as just two young kids without a care in the world.  Now, years later in the presence of friends and family they threw the most wonderful celebration where they committed to love each other forever. To say it was the sweetest event would be an understatement. It was such an honor capturing your love story Casey and Karlie, wishing you all the happiness in the world.  Take everything you learned in kindergarten and apply it to your marriage and you will be more then fine.:)



Right after the ceremony the best man Luke and all the groomsmen stole Karlie for a quick "steal the bride" event. They all high fived Casey, jumped in the truck and blared the country music as they took the new bride down the gravel road. Karlie was the sweetest thing laughing and waiting in anticipation for what was to come. Around the corner we were all greeted with a skeet shooting setup! It was the best thing ever to see this new bride dust off her boots and nail her first few shots while everyone was cheering in the background. We spent only ten minutes, took some great photos and made amazing memories and then returned down the road to deliver Karlie back to her party. It was the best tradition! 

Introducing the newest Mr. & Mrs. Crownover! 

Congratulations you two, it was such an honor capturing your beautiful day! 


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