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*This year I am participating personal project with a group of amazing photographers. We created a blog circle where we challenge ourselves creatively and technically throughout 2018. Life From This Lens is a fascinating look at how a group of photographers around the country interpret the same prompt (or theme) each month. Please follow along in the circle and see everyone’s take on the theme each month. This months theme was shooting with a wide angle lens*

Any camera lens with a focal length of less then 35 mm is considered wide angle and oh, how I simply adore my wide angle lens. She enables me to capture photographs in tight spaces and she also allows me to capture a wide view of the scene I'm focused on.  She allows more light in frame which makes my little photog heart sing...did I say I love my 24 mm 1.4?! 

We had the amazing opportunity to head to Disneyland with my family at the beginning of the summer and I did a lot of research on the best lenses to take with me to capture the magic. I narrowed it down to my trusty 50 mm 1.4 and my wide angle 24 mm 1.4. These two enable me to capture photos in a very different way.  I loved using my 24mm in spaces that were tight and when I needed more light. I also loved using it to capture more the scene in which I was shooting which was so important in the happiest place on earth!

The photos below were captured with a mix of my 50 mm and my 24 mm lens.  I included the images with my 50 mm in this blog post because everyone needs more Disney photos regardless of the I right?! See if you can tell the difference in the photographs and which ones were captured with a wide angle lens.


Aside from spending our days at Disney, we did escape to the beach! Again, I used my wide angle lens in order to capture more of that beautiful So Cal beach scene.


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