Life From This Lens | July


*This year I am participating in a personal project with a group of amazing photographers. We created a blog circle where we challenge ourselves creatively and technically throughout 2018. Life From This Lens is a fascinating look at how a group of photographers around the country interpret the same prompt (or theme) each month. Please follow along in the circle and see everyone’s take on the theme each month. This months theme was Capturing Motion*

One of the main reasons I love photography is because it freezes a moment in time. Photos capture a slice of life that we can look back on and remember exactly how we felt and what was happening in our life at that time. This month, the Life From This Lens ladies focused on capturing motion. In some ways, as photographers we are always capturing motion- especially if you have kids flying around! :)

Kids running through a sprinkler?  Motion. Your dog running after a ball? Motion. Someone cannonballs into the pool? Motion. These moments are all around and this month I dedicated myself to capturing it all. Due to the fact we mainly live in the water during the summer months, the underwater shots I used my GoPro Hero5 and everything else I captured with my big girl camera.  

The first part of July was spent traveling so many of these shots were at the pool- where we spent most of our late afternoons.

The next part of July was spent camping. Here, I took my trusty GoPro and played in the lake as well as taking my big girl camera on the boat to capture my son getting up on ski's for the first time. 

I also had some fun capturing the neighborhood boys flying by on their bikes and scooters! Here, photographing with a low shutter speed enables you capture your subject in focus with the background blurred. The boys loved it..."it looks like I'm as fast as Dash!" Then, of course sparklers...because it's way too hot. 

Needless to say, I feel like as a mother of two I'm always capturing some sort of motion! Thank you so much for stopping by and seeing my interpretation of capturing motion for the month of July.  Please head on over to my gal Jessica's blog HERE to see her post this month and be sure to leave some love!  Don't forget to travel the entire circle until you end up back here.

Tune in next month for long focal length!


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