Life From This Lens | May


Oh, the lovely self portrait {Insert moan here} I knew this one was coming! 

I have such a love-hate relationship with self portraits for a few reasons. I want to get this strait...I LOVE self portraits and admire many photographers who I watch from a distance nail it. I love getting to know them through their photos because guess what...they are IN them?! What a concept.  I know the importance of being in the frame and I have committed myself to doing so...but man it's tough. It's hard to let go of insecurities and just BE. Be in this space regardless of how your hair, your body, your LIFE looks.  I know that it's all my perception and we are always are hardest critics. I just need to get comfortable being on the other side of the camera and get used to it because life is happening and I need to show so my children have photos WITH or OF their mama. Secondly,  it's also very technical and difficult just capturing a photo that nails the focus! I had so many blurry images it was hilarious. I have a vision for what I want to capture but the end result is never what I set out to create.  I know I need to invest in some equipment moving forward. First, a remote. This would allow me to ease of clicking the button from a seated position and not feel like I've ran a marathon going back and forth to the camera every ten seconds. . Seriously, if your in need of a good workout I will call it the "sit down-stand up- run back, sit down- stand up- run back" circuit.  

After devoting a month to self portraits, I was pleased to find that towards the end it was more of a love feeling then a hate feeling. I know moving forward with correct equipment it will become easier and I will be more comfortable because it will become part of my routine.  So, even though our month is over- I have made a new personal goal of showing up in my photos once a week. So, you have complete permission to call me out if you haven't seen me in any photographs lately mmmmkk?

Also, when you're done browsing this blog, make sure to head over to my friend Tracy's blog HERE to see her month! Make sure to keep up with the #lifefromthislens hashtag to see our captures over on Insta as well! 



Last month our family gathered together in Duluth, Minnesota to celebrate the life of my grandmother and my uncle. I had time by myself in the city before the rest of my family showed up. So, I explored and found chances to capture some portraits. 

I also got to "meet" my adorable niece! Isn't my sister just breathtaking?!

I simply can't wait to meet this little lady. 


I would have ideally love to have gotten many, many more but #life. So, I am going to leave you with one final portrait. I will call this one "teacher brain". We created mother's day portraits in class this year and one of my students made this one of me. So, I'm holding on tight for TEN more days until summer balancing all things school, family and photography. Today, we are taking a field trip to the Lava Caves so I will be deep in the earth with thirty eight year olds. Send Coffee! 


Thanks for dropping by, it's so nice to have you here! 





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